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Originally Posted by raphael View Post

And who would have thought to embed the Precession cycle on CARD X, Ezekiel's Wheel of Fortune.

So now that we have established that CARD X not only represents Precession of the Equinoxes but also maps out a cross and the golden spiral when you connect together the FOUR ROYAL STARS found in each of those four constellations that the reader should by now know as the Four Evangelists/Four Gospels or simply as 11258.

Still, how do you get Mat.1:18-25 to correlate with 11258? A correlation would be if Matthew had a 1:12-58 right?

Ezekial saw a Merkaba didn't he? What do you think the connection with X, tarot, Ezekial's vision and the merkaba all have in common? Add to that I-ching hexagrams/binary and the Lambdoma as well, as well as the usual PHI/Fibonacci connection.
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