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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
Posted on October 10, 2016 by Rick Falkvinge
In the UK, running a blog over HTTPS is an act of terrorism, says Scotland Yard

In a bizarre case, Scotland Yard is accusing a person for six separate acts of preparing terrorism. Those six acts include researching encryption, developing an “encrypted version” of his blog, and instructing others how to use encryption.

This is one of those cases where you do a double take. As reported by Ars Technica, UK’s Scotland Yard is charging a Cardiff person with preparing for terrorism – but the list of charges shows activities we associate with very ordinary precautionary privacy measures. “Developing an encrypted version of a blog” can be read as, and probably means, publishing it over HTTPS – such as this blog and many others, simply because it’s considered best practice.

He was also charged with having a flash drive in a cufflink with a bootable operating system, presumably Tails. Using open and free operating systems with the capacity for general-purpose encryption is now an act of terrorism?
Things are going to get a whole load worse when the Snoopers Charter gains Royal Assent. It enters the Report Stage in the Lords today, with only two steps remaining.
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