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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
This was no prediction

SP was just reporting the intel he had .... he has contacts with intelligence agencies and ET's , some of these said an attack was Planned for that date and place ...

He said very clearly in the interview that by mentioning it on air would greatly reduce the chances of them going ahead with the attack ...

SP says @ 02:00 ..."...... One of the reasons they have to do that (give hints of where the next attack will be)., is that if it's detected And if it's put out there (in alt media) energetically ,then it either puts it back , or scrubs it ....."
What a total crock of shite. Simple Simon should stick to fornicating with six foot locusts

This comedy act latches on to every stupid conspiracy going....makes claims like the above and never once provides an iota of even scant evidence! Your "validation" of his claims relies on other guffbuckets who do the same thing.
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