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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Can you not smell BS?
Again seem reluctant to spell out your position ... calling "BS" , doesn't clarify anything ...

Let me try and help you out with a multiple choice ...

1 ...Simon Parkes is a loony ... how can you believe anything he says ....He talks to Aliens!!!

2 .... Simon Parkes is a disinfo agent under the control of the NWO

3 .... Simon parkes is in it for fame and fortune... making things up to get publicity and attention .

4 .... Another (please specify)

So all I need is a 1, 2 ,3 or 4...

I really do despair at some people's lack of discernment in recognising if someone is genuine ... it's partly due to not putting in the time to explore the material , and see how perfectly it fits into the overall picture.... most people come to a snap decision based on little or no information , and then defend it come what may.

Unless people study this subject seriously , they will be as clueless as the general public... sitting ducks for any fake alien invasion the NWO want to pull...

The alien issue is the most important one , and will go mainstream soon

Best sources are SP , Bartzis , Kevassillas , and the many secret soldier whistleblowers like Max Spears , Michael Prince, Randy Cremer ...

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