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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
yeah there's no escaping the fact that it recruits many influential people and that the upper echelons such as the royal family are heavily involved in it

It's not just a social get together
Yep very much so, you maybe interested in my recent post here on the New David Icke Forum.
Especially the latest comments about Churchill.

David Icke Banned from Australia

The Royal Family is basically an international company.
They use the Royal Family within Freemasonry as figure heads whom Freemasons in turn are manipulated into idolising.
Freemasonry is used to order influential people into the society and create an illusion of self importance within a delusional social hierarchial system.
So those influential people are tethered to the direction of Royalty and the Royalty is used by these international families, working through these societies like Freemasonry especially, to manipulate a world into being that they see fit.
Those whom conform to this world image and especially benefit from its existence will of course not see a problem with this or such a society as they won’t be able to see the deception as they enjoy it and get the better side of this deception, not willing to acknowledge its pitfalls and the price we pay for its existence.

With the Royalty also owning and controlling the military, these internationalists acting as the hidden hand and can manipulate much of our world’s affairs, especially considering they also control Alphabet Intelligence Agencies and not to mention the media whom they drip feed a containment of knowledge or hold back things from public circulation etc...

Such as the OSS during WWII that went on to be the CIA.
The OSS where essentially the hidden hand within Nazi Germany Covertly - Not under the knowledge say of Adolf Hitler and those whom supported him and where against these internationalists - using Germans that would work to their interests within Germany or where planted their by them.
This isn’t unknown or not accepted, that during the Cold War, the CIA and MI6 would get East German defectors whom come over the wall, condition them and use them as tools to go back in and infiltrate a certain operation etc.

Many Germans in Europe and the US, especially those between WWI and II whom had only just recently moved would have been perfect candidates for such a task, of being sent back into Nazi Germany and I’m sure it’s a massive unexplored version of history.
The Rat Lines came about after WWII by official history standards. Not before?
And not by the likes of the OSS/MI6?

Later to be picked up under Operation Paperclip.
Anyone whom believes those who where picked up where originally Nazis have completely missed the point and lost the plot altogether.

Because those who did this don’t want people to know just how involved they where.
It’s far easier to just say it was all Hitler’s plan, any and all the horrors where committed because of him and by his hand or systematic orders that started from him.
Which of course is what is official history, that Adolf Hitler was essentially the anti-Christ and a lunatic so don’t even try and figure out his actions.
But such is simply because you may find out who was really responsible of course...
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

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