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When people lived alongside nature and the season there was a single entity which gave every season thaticket they might survive the winter, they called these early gods of nature totems, which was their local abundance of food which they used as their totems.

Then as we evolved from gatherers in nature to gatherers of nature which we then controlled through agriculture.

The era of Babylonian was post old testament which was totemy, the new era and testament was agriculture and where allegory was born. Hereafter we began having time to gather and talk about the year that had just passed and with more time we began thinking out loud.

Meanwhile we soon began giving ourselves factions and fictitious names like.


Which are were all masonic terms or degrees and in such degrees their were mono elements that began the Babel moment if you like to use that term, where many tongues were born from a single voice and are now split into many factions under the same sun that they originated below.

All of the common terms are solar derrived


Means city of the Sun in the AmmonIan radicals or early writing.

As the so called enlightenment of monotheism grew so did those early shaman like entities who aggrandisemented themselves grew into the early priests of Apollo to which they are still today.
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