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Originally Posted by h2pogo View Post
Finally got it installed on my GFs 1l corsa..I didnt have a valve so just let it bubble flat out..I dont know how many MPG the car did before but today we did a journey that would normally use 10euro and then drove an extra 20km and we had been driving round town all week and the light still isnt on after putting a tenner in
So far so good..

I dont get why the adjustible valve is used to stop too much engine gasses but why?

And on the test drive I booted it up the bypass and easy touched 80mph without trying..Normally its pedal to the metal to do that.
Hi, you have this system on corsa? You have some pictures of that? I have opel meriva and I'm interested in installing this. Especially I would like to know where do you take PCV (I assume you have Z14XEP or similar engine)?
Thanks for your answer.
Best regards
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