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Originally Posted by pi3141 View Post

So if you were using vaporised petrol..

Litres per min?

Its worth working out.

If combining diesel and lpg gives an increase, a vaporised petrol gas in a petrol engine should also give a rise in performance, as would HHO gas. The question is, how much is needed to make a difference.
Thanks pi3141.

HCS starts as vaporized gasoline but is cracked at high temperatures (exceeding 250C) into Hydrogen and Carbon in the copper tube wrapped around the exhaust pipe.
It is not 'super-vaporied fuel' as some have speculated.

HHO is produced in necessarily limited quantities onboard a vehicle; limited due to the capacity of the alternator which is only designed to recharge the battery occasionally.
The alternator takes power from the engine which cancels out many of the gains expected from the hydrogen input.

HCS places no such burden on the engine and the copious quantities of heat produced by the exhaust pipe means that the amount of Hydrogen produced is potentially far greater than the engine could possibly use.

The Hydrogen works as an 'expansion medium' and a burn enhancer and has been found to be very effective on both gasoline and diesel vehicles where mileage increases are frequently in excess of 30%.

The bubbler fuel is usually consumed at less than 5% of the regular tank fuel and increases the efficiency of the engine enormously.
The gains are not just greater mileage per liter; but also increased power, a smoother, quieter, cooler run to the engine and sharply decreased exhaust emissions.

In addition to this; it can be constructed from locally bought parts very cheaply and easily in a couple of hours.
No specialist spare parts or expert bench skills are required.
It's really kindergarten stuff as anyone who has put it into practice can testify.

I can't see why anyone would want to remove it once fitted but if they did; the engine could be returned to factory standard with ease.


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