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Originally Posted by ownoiz View Post
No i dont think it could work like that ever again.

Mainly because they dont want to legalise drugs in most places. Even though you try claim that governemnts do.

But it has worked like that in the past.

Cannabis for example has been around for millenia, how long has the cabal said it is "illegal" ?? How did it work before then?

Thats right people grew their own or could just buy it from someone that wasnt an uber-corporation, no big deal.

Seth Rogen and his buddies know the deal...

Pineapple Express -Item 9- how did Marijuana became illegal.

In fact you would struggle to find one creative and successful person in Hollywood, Jewish or otherwise, that aint smoked a lil something something now and again.
You're still missing the point....

Okay,how to spell this out clearly: If a person is kept drugged up,not only do they stop questioning,they become very easy to manipulate. They will go along with anything the government want,as long as they can be kept in this twilight "carefree" state.

I'm not talking about some guy who will occasionally smoke a joint or two.

I'm talking the mass population. Have you ever been on a drug-invested sink estate where drugs are part of every day life,day in day out their whole lives. They don't care about anything.
"It's hard to hold the hand of anyone who's reaching for the sky just to surrender..."
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