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I have a right to ingest/smoke whatever I want and to explore the contents of “my own mind” in the process, so long as I am not hurting anyone else, even if it kills me.
There lies the key words IMO, there are just so many ways that drug use can hurt others.

Marijuana is one thing, although I choose not to use it as 1) I don't like the effect and 2) I don't want to become dependant on any drug to maintain a peaceful state of mind, which I have seen happen to many people, creating an expensive habit.
I do however see the benefits of using it if others choose to and feel that if society smoked pot the way they drink alcohol the world would be a much better place

Heroin on the other hand is the most despicable drug and the people that make it and/or deal it are the worst people on earth IMO, preying on vulnerable people who end up going to any means to feed their habit including stealing their grandmothers wedding ring.

Many drugs make people aggressive and often violent which can be very hurtful to families both physically and/or emotionally/psychologically. Groups of youths take crystal meth and walk the streets looking for a fight and if they don't find one they will jump on someone for no reason at all (I have seen the effects of that)

Children whose parents are addicts constantly trying to connect with their parents, some of them have to grow up real fast and look after their younger siblings becasue the parents are too spaced out. Some of them become very violent and attention seeking at school, I have known a child of drug addict parents who tried to burn his school down among other things.

Basically, when it comes to these kinds of drugs there are very few circumstances where someones use would absolutely not harm another person in any way shape or form.
People are stupid, they will believe something because they want it to be true; or because they're afraid it might be true.
The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.
The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason.
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