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Originally Posted by pinkiepie View Post
I wrote 2 articles on that on my blog. I even posted them here in the health section.

Yes, i believe it's a real thing. It is possible but probably not the way i did it.
You need to somehow concentrate and create the pure spirit of wine.
And when you put the dust in water it will turn it into wine.
Its kinda how the philosophers stone works.

In fact Jesus may have used such dust, he might have been an alchemist.
Not that i doubt that he cant water into wine with his powers.
Here you go, no more derailing of your thread, disinfo agents gonna be bad (:
i hope you can repay me sometime with a comment ):
I can believe alchemy was at work, but I also think the parables were metaphors, too, in order to be taken at face value by those not ready to hear, and understood by those who were ready to understand.
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