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Originally Posted by kizzie View Post
Well this is strange. I just clicked on play on the music. and both my cats that were sound asleep have come over and climbed over the PC table and all the other junk in front of my speakers and sat there. As soon as the singing started they both walked off again. wonder what that was about.
The singing has strong emotion attached to it, cats receive sound and the energy attached to it at a stronger level.
The translation to that song was posted on post # 16, but I'll post it again for ya.

Twameva maataa cha pitaa
Twameva bandhush cha sakhaa
Twameva vidyaa dravinam twameva,
Twameva sarvam mama deva deva.

Oh beloved! you are mother and
You are friend and companion.
You are riches, you are wisdom.
You are the eternal divine guide
I am Nature, and Nature is me.

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