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^ I agree with everything you say, totally fits my belief, we are on the same wavelength..We must confront the all negative thoughts only then can we over come negativity is a positive way?
To ignore and dismiss is negativity at it lowest vibration, all truth must be embraced but to attain a high frequency when meditating without drugs the negativity must be dealt with first..would you agree?

The reason I originally posted on the thread was it reminded me of my first proper buzz meditating without drugs, i lost all the negative thoughts first by addressing those thoughts and coming to terms with them before i could really make any meaningful connection to the divine vibration and hear my inner voice.
The energy of positive vibration will short circuit if touched by negativity while making that connection, like a mum hen meditating when the fox comes for her chicks she will snap out of that conscious state to a more grounded one.

But hey what works for me might not for others..

BTW the ripples of your experience and your energy creating this thread has born a new religion

I had just smoke my first spliff in moinths and had one of 'those' experiences..

For a laugh i started a thread to see if we cant find a common belief that could potentially unite us here and spread some positivity to the DI forum, the most anti religious forum in the universe And so far 99% positive vibrations

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