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Thanks, for the info I'll see if I can convince him to wean off the drink. although you know what they say about older people being set in their ways and all that and tbh I personally think all the previous drinking is what partially contributed to the parkinsons anyway, so at this point i'm just grateful it's dramatically decreased.

I'll give the good fat thing ago, there's a chap who sell's organic raw buffalo milk product's, including yogurt at my local farmers market so I m'll get a jar of that to start and alternate between that and coconut oil for a bit and see how he get's on.

The detox stuff is interesting, I'll have a look through the supplements's and might convince him to try a few, but on that note, might bentonite clay have the same effect? heard it was good for detoxing from heavy metals which some claim to be one of the key causes of parkinsons.

There was a trial study going on in 2011 in which they were testing to see if co-enzyme Q10 had any effect on parkinsons, but was cut short due to disappointing results, which sound;s just a bit fishy to me , seeing as Q10 is recommended to people on statin drugs to ward off Alzheimers. Gonna look into it and report back.
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