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Originally Posted by raiwolf View Post
My dad suffers from parkinsons disease, I think it's been 16 years since it was diagnosed ( he's 66 years old now). his speech is a tiny bit more slow than I remember from when I was younger, but beside's that his mind is pretty good for the moment. The bigger problem is with his limbs, when I was youner I remember he couldnt stop hi leg (right one I think) from shaking when he was sitting, now its both his legs and one of his arms. Thankfully he is not on a cocktail of drugs and only takes one pill a day called Sinemet plus, which is meant to increase the dopamine levels in the body, not that I trust any pharma drug's anyway.

He eat's well but is still quite slim, due to him being underweight before and enjoys a glass of whiskey/ brandy every now and again. He used to drink and smoke alot when he was younger and most probably did some weed, opium and stronger stuff I don't know about He's given up the fags for a few years now and drinks in moderation.

Anyone got any tips on any particular supplement/ foodstuffs he should include/ increase?
Eat eggs (especially the yolk), caviar, liver and butter.
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