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Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
If people want to defeat the NWO which few seem to, that won't be done by throwing a sop because the Clintons and their Pizza ring didn't get in. As long as people keep in a tizz and squeel over a silly wall that should have been built aeyons ago, and measures to stem mass migration, the NWO are laughing out loud. Squeeling and crying and wearing pussy hats and twatting about in an inflatable vagina and protesting state visits will GUARANTEE victory for the NWO. At this rate they've got it in the bag. On the other hand if the left shuts up, we might all be able to think.
Your first problem is this.

many who claim to be "awake" or a part of the alternative media/truth movement do not want to "fight the NWO"

They just simply want to win over "the left" and "liberals". They want to be the winners of the elite contrived culture wars which serve to distract the manipulated masses.

Yes lots of those protesting wanted Hillary, but lots also did not want Hillary so to tar all those people with the same brush is disingenuous and only serves the elite agenda. There were plenty of Bernie Sanders supporters who despised both Hillary and Trump. Attacking a whole large group of people as "hillary supporters" does not help the situation. It is kindergarten logic.

A wall is stupid. Its a waste of money. It is obsolete, people will still find ways to get in. Most research points to more people leaving the US than comming in, so all of this is really just a way for Trump to fatten the wallets of his friends in construction, and have his dupe idiot supporters satisfied over something that isn't really even a major issue.

Yes some of the protesters are stupid, but protests need to happen, or else the madman named Trump will be left unchecked and allow to continue the NWO agenda unabated.

What you are doing now is trying to abolish opposition and protest, also the first ammendment. How on earth is that a good thing ? You think people should just support and follow the NWO/state ? How is that a truther ? Do you not see how the "truth movement" has now been turned into state supporting dupes. They originally opposed the NWO, now they support it by believing the buffoon named Trump and attacking those who bring to the light of day the nonsense he is attempting.

Do you really think Trump is operating outside of the NWO ? Are you really that naive ?

If you dont, then people of all political stripes should be opposing him in solidarity, and not choosing sides. Why do you want to be a mirror image of the fake left who sat idly by and did not criticize Obama for 8 years because he was a black man ? I see the same with Trump, the great white saviour of middle America, conservatives, and the alt right crowd. They are now sitting back and supporting everything through a collective trance.
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