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Originally Posted by toonboy View Post
This isnt spam from the North East tourist board

I've recently just noticed some stuff so blatant in our city... seem to me to be a bit beyond coincidence.

Taking a walk from the west of the river Tyne you come to the Sage building which has 3 pyramid glass windows.

1. Whats the crack with Newcastle / The north East or is there stuff like this in other cities (i dont travel much) ?

2. If Newcastle is some kind of special place for the NWO (or whatever) has anyone more info on it? Or where would i start to do some research?

The only thing i think i can add to this is that our water supply has fluoride in still although im not well up on who's hasnt(!). Oh and of course that most these things have been funded by the Lottery or European Union...
I think it is the housing and living areas that need regeneration, something sadly lacking in the poor polluted ghettos of the UK...Maybe thats beecause the honey pot is beeing unfairly distributed...

Originally Posted by mrunhappy View Post
I currently live in a shit town in Berkshire. I hate it. Miserable grey, over-crowded, stinky, dirty...

Does anyone actually like the UK town they live in? Holes....

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