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Yes! Exactly!

And what about babies born with tails! What the heck happened with the DNA there? A misreading is what I think. There are even reports of tails observed in fetuses only for the tail to regress completely by 21 weeks.

Human embryos don't look very human do they? I know, I know, they're developing....but it's interesting anyway.

What about this amazing statement by Dr. Stephen Badylak, a team leader and director of the Center for Pre-Clinical Tissue Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine:

"Mammals are able to regenerate limbs during the fetal stage, but not thereafter. Amphibians on the other hand can regenerate several body parts if lost. Eyes, limbs, and even spinal cords are regrown if damaged or severed in amphibian bodies. We’re looking for what genes get turned on and off to make one regenerative and one not. We can regenerate as a fetus. We know the potential is there, but it’s a matter of unlocking that potential."

So, in other words, we have the ability to regrow limbs (like salamanders, but the very gene that allows this in humans is SWITCHED OFF after the fetal stage!

Is that not a sign of genetic engineering? The Annunaki knew what they were doing when they engineered us.

This brings me to the question of a certain Mormon document called the Salamander Letter. I'll post about that in another thread.
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