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Default Why Self Hatred is ESSENTIAL to The System

Ultimately the system is based on "divide and rule". The endless playing off of groups and individuals against each other.

How do you do this?

By having the individuals in a given group project their self hatred onto other groups (inter-group) and onto each other (intra-group).

Further, this system is ultimately based on hierarchy where supposedly "superior" (??) people ruthlessly rule over "inferior" (??) ones to stay in control. How do you get the "superiors" to be so cruel to their supposed "inferiors"?

By having them project their self hatred "down" (?). Further, the "higher" (?) up you are the more self hatred you have. This is why the higher up you are the more evil, the more cruel you are. This is also why the higher up into the system you are born the more you are abused as a child.

This is why the most horrifically abused children that survive rise to the "top" of this system. What a great way to implant a life of self hate than by unbelievably abusing a child- even BEFORE birth, as David has documented.

In other words, the glue that holds the whole system together is


Think about it. That is literally true.

This system would immediately collapse on itself without self hatred. Further, this self hatred needs to be projected out, perpetuated and strengthened even as it is multiplied into others, not healed. NEVER healed.

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