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Default The Mainstream Media, Education & Self Hate

You have to understand that the people who run the Mainstream Media are Satanists, people who hate (actually project their self hatred outwards) those that seek or tell the truth.

Why do I say that?

Because the Mainstream Media was set up and is run by a bunch of Rothschild Zionists and at that level they are Satanists. Now I am not saying that all Zionists are Satanists but the ones at the very top are, just like the Rothschild family that controls them. Actually, Frankist Satanists as this was the sect of Satanism that Rothschild dynasty founder Amshel Rothschild was a member of.

Because of this, the MSM is constantly projecting its hatred out, especially on truth seekers. They are also "training" people how to treat those who questions the norms: with utter disdain and contempt. In other words, they are teaching the general public to project THEIR super secret self hatred onto those who are trying to figure out what is going on and/ or warn others.

In fact the MSM, along with the Rothschild Zionist run, (mis) education system are the 2 big ways that this self hatred is passed on, projected out, at least at a mass level. the vast majority of the "one on one" part of this projection is done by those who have been "trained" by it so this is how these systems mess you up both collectively and individually. Needless to say, this doesn't include how it is done through carrier waves, subliminals, symbols, HAARP and God knows what else. Anything to keep you down, lower your vibrations, keep you hating yourself and constantly making worse.

My point? This projecting of self hatred is ubiquitous, it is all around you, it is constant and it is nonstop. And that is why it is affecting YOU whether you acknowledged it or not. This is why this is a HUGE issue.

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