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Originally Posted by blackjack77 View Post

A great example of the kind of situation where this would occur is in the following video. In this vide we see a REAL debate on the Syrian war between Ken O’Keefe and Laurence Korb. O’Keefe, as you may recall was a presenter with The People’s Voice and he did a show on the Middle east- and he cleans the clock of establishment, chicken hawk, war mongering shill Laurence Korb. As you watch the interview you can actually feel Korb’s hatred (actually self hatred projected outward) towards O’Keefe in spite of his best efforts to hide it.

Needless to say, Korb HATES being called on his sh-t! Now if they were alone I have no doubt that Korb would have: 1) gotten violent with O’Keefe (unlikely), 2) thrown him a hateful stare (quite possible) and/ or 3) tried to project his self hatred onto O’Keefe (definitely!) through clever psychological tricks/ psychological warfare.

Also notice what is happening around 19:32. You might want to freeze it at that moment. You see Ken O’Keefe feeling justifiable outrage (positive anger) while Laurence Korb- is feeling, albeit somewhat hidden, satanic outrage/ hatred. In other words, Korb is projecting his self hatred projected outwards (negative anger, the Satanic analog).

Ken burns with a zealous righteousness...
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