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Default How You Were Implanted W/ Super Secret Self Hatred

If you are a truth seeker who is trying to do the right thing you have had lots of people who have hatred your guts. Why? Because your example triggered in them feeling of guilt and shame that they had copped out, they had sold out to lies, to an easy life. They knew, at a deep subconscious (i.e., non verbal to them) that something was deeply wrong with them. They knew they had surrendered to cowardice and laziness. They knew they weren’t living the way the real creator meant for them to live.

And you reminded them of this by your example. And they hated you for this. Actually, they didn’t hate you. No they hated THEMSELVES and they projected it onto you because you made them feel bad about their own inadequacies and they were too cowardly, lazy and out of touch with deeper aspects of themselves to do anything about it. In other words, clean up their own act. But they don't do that because they don’t know due to our old friends, the gag and super gag rules.

So if they don’t know what is really going on? By the way, this is the case 99.9% of the time.

They activate their psychological defenses. This is done automatically. It is done on auto pilot. It is done by the subconscious with no input from the conscious mind. In other words, they project their self hatred onto you.

Further, because it is done SUBconsciously they have no idea that they are doing it to you and will be offended if you call them on it (also part of the psychological defenses). “How dare you say that!” – and they will mean it because it is all happening subconsciously. You see, not only is their self hatred super secret to them but so is the PROJECTION of it onto others.

This makes sense because if they KNEW they were projecting self hatred onto other they would know they have self hatred and the jig would be up. Once again the gag and super gag rules come to the rescue to prevent this from happening. Also, what a great way to get you to back off if you are calling them on their own stuff! These psychological defenses are clever and think of everything. They should because they are stealing your intelligence to do so! They are using your own intelligence to mess you up.

Also, so you don’t realize what is going on (i.e., the self hatred can successfully be projected onto the victim) the self hatred is disguised as them “caring” for you or being “concerned” about you or “wanting to straighten you up”, etc. when in reality they don’t give a sh-t about you. Our old friends the gag and super gag rule at work again! After all, if you are going to implant super secret self hatred it has to be implanted super secretly in the first place to be successfully implanted!

By the way, this is one of the reasons that when someone expresses fake concern for you or gets on their fake moral high horse you know that they are probably trying to mess with your mind. In other words, project their self hatred onto you.

This is why you need to be very suspicious of "holier than thou" types and those who regularly claim the fake moral high ground. This is no doubt the reason that so many high level Satanists are "religious" (?) leaders. What better cover to project your fake moral superiority/ self hatred from?

This is also why you need to be very careful if someone is trying to go on an ego trip at your expense (literally). This is also why you need to be on high alert when someone is playing the game of PRETENDING to be the good guy while, of course pretending you are the bad guy. This good guy/ bad guy scam is a SURE sign you are about to implanted with self hatred if you aren't careful.

In fact, I can clearly remember only one time the self hatred being directly projected into me. It was done through a stare of pure, unadulterated hatred. As strange as this may sound, I am now glad for the experience because it helped me to see all the OTHER (probably hundreds if not thousands) that the self –hatred was projected into me by subtler means as it almost always is. The extreme allowed me to see all the other times it was done subtly.

And if you don’t know what is going on you will lack the psychological defenses to successfully defend yourself against their projection of self hatred onto you. THEIR self hatred will become YOUR self hatred. Exactly as planned.

But there is more (there always is!). The same psychological defense mechanisms that allow them not to consciously know that they have self hatred will also be implanted these include our old pals, the gag and super gag rules. Those little suckers fought so HARD to make sure I won’t figure them out and be able to verbalize them but fortunately they lost.

The implanting of these mechanisms also makes sense so that down the road you can “share the love” with even more victims. After all, where do you think the person trying to implant self hatred in you got most, if not all of HIS defense mechanisms? Could it have been form those who implanted it in HIM?

So what happens?

As a truth seeker you are secretly implanted with self hatred. Actually SUPER secretly implanted as we have the gruesome twosome of the gag and super gag rules at work. In other words, you don’t know that you were implanted with self hatred and you don’t know that you don’t know that you were implanted with self hatred.

But wait, there is EVEN more (Who says The Archons don't give value for your money?)! The super secretly implanted self hatred leads to super secret self sabotage/ self destructiveness. What a great way to mess you up and “prove” (?) that your haters were right all along! What a great way to get you involved in endless nested, super secret vicious cycles. What a great way to get you super secretly demoralized! The parasites don’t miss a trick!

To summarize this whole process, I can do no better than to quote a man who certainly knew about hatred as he was in charge of the Jesuits.

“Hate yourself enough and the World hates with you.”

Count Hans Kolvenbach
Former Head of the Jesuits
p. 670 of “The Lion Sleeps No More”

A great example of the kind of situation where this would occur is in the following video. In this vide we see a REAL debate on the Syrian war between Ken O’Keefe and Laurence Korb. O’Keefe, as you may recall was a presenter with The People’s Voice and he did a show on the Middle east- and he cleans the clock of establishment, chicken hawk, war mongering shill Laurence Korb. As you watch the interview you can actually feel Korb’s hatred (actually self hatred projected outward) towards O’Keefe in spite of his best efforts to hide it.

Needless to say, Korb HATES being called on his sh-t! Now if they were alone I have no doubt that Korb would have: 1) gotten violent with O’Keefe (unlikely), 2) thrown him a hateful stare (quite possible) and/ or 3) tried to project his self hatred onto O’Keefe (definitely!) through clever psychological tricks/ psychological warfare.

Also notice what is happening around 19:32. You might want to freeze it at that moment. You see Ken O’Keefe feeling justifiable outrage (positive anger) while Laurence Korb- is feeling, albeit somewhat hidden, satanic outrage/ hatred. In other words, Korb is projecting his self hatred projected outwards (negative anger, the Satanic analog).

Lastly, here is the gratuitous song that is here for no other reason than I like it.


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