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Originally Posted by sade View Post
What I don't understand is how the hell did Alex Jones get inside the Bohemian Grove and get away with it?
Maybe this is because he was allowed to enter so that he would film this supposed "ritual" that was maybe done by crazy christians,
who would want you to think that everything that has to do with rituals, fire, water, symbols, ancient knowledge and so on is satanic?
Once again, satan is an invention of christians so why is the elite a satan-worshipping group?

What this "satan"-worshipping elite conspiracy has caused is that we now view everything occultic as satanic, evil,
horrible and so on, when this is ancient knowledge that goes way back BEFORE christianity.
The goat Pan was worshipped by 'pagans' and then christians started to depict it as satan. Accident? You know better!
If someone would be threatened about a spiritual transformation, thinking with our OWN brains...That would be the christians. The Vatican.

The NWO is real, but are we sure we know who exactly is behind it?

Why do I feel like I shouldn't be writing about this?
because it's nonsense?

who is exactly behind the nwo? the bankers, and they are kabbalists.
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