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Originally Posted by kizzie View Post
Yes and they are not liking it one bit and want to go back in without us.

I want them to have their independence and was behind them all the way.. but how can you be independent in the EU..
The argument for Scotland and EU is different from the argument of Scotland and Westminster.

The relationship between Scotland and Westminster has never been a good one.
Scotland wanting independence is only your words however.
What Scotland actually wanted was independence from Westminster.

Independence from EU is a totally different argument and debate.

The EU is also not independent, the EU is dependent upon other countries becoming and remaining members.

Even in the event of a brexit, this is only independence from EU.
There are still many other things you are dependent upon.

If you want Scotland to remain in the UK, then you are dependent upon Scotland remaining in the uk.

At the moment, 99.9% of Brexiters are dependent upon Westminster pushing through article 50.

Independent are you? you are still dependent on Westminster, because you yourself, are not Westminster, you are one of Westminsters subjects.
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