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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
The NWO want to break up the UK.
So WHO created the UK and put your reptilian queen and her family as owners of it?

This is what amazes me the most.

ORDINARY Brits have done a fantastic job of putting the death knife into the Elite's plan to create another centralized union, this time a EU union, and yet most of these same Brits are full paid up members and supporters of the Elite's first and one of their most evil created union, the UK union under their Queen!!

it don't make sense.

Why stop now? Why not complete the job and give full freedom and independence to England, Wales Scotland and a free united Ireland?

And then if these countries want to come together to co-operate economically for their own mutual benefit, then let them do it............but it must done out of their OWN FREE WILL and choice..........and not at the end of the gun!
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