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Originally Posted by beautifulfallenvampire View Post
I have had demons attack me in my sleep and appear in my dreams. It is along story and I am not supposed to talk about it anyway...So I will try to keep it minimal. It was twice that they tried to kill me. And my friends and I are being stalked like crazy by them. Long tory like I said. But basically we are special children. Most have powers and abilities and can shift. I am an empath with some powers. I can do some weather (it depends on my mood) , I have some electrical powers too, sometimes when I walk by appliances when I am extremely emotional they usually turn off or burn out. And I have some healing too. I have healed two of my friends who were ill and injured. I am also a practicing witch. I have had countless paranormal experiences with vampires,demons,ghosts,witches,fairies, amd I have seen a unicorn before. I decided to join this forum when I found out about the reptilians. It shocked me that there was so much deception and secrecy in the world. I am looking for answers and trying to discover my purpose, who I am. Because I am not sure what I am....I am an indigo, though. But I know I am something else. I have heard I am one of the seven daughters of the Titan, Atlas and I am learning more about my spiritual father. My family has no idea about any of this...They would not understand this. My life is a secret to many. Many know about me that I do not know about myself yet and I am on the quest to fullfil my world saving mission. I promised my guardian angel that I would stand by him and and make him proud because when he was alive he was alone. I am alone now for awhile because my angel and I are on trial. He will be back hopefully soon...*sigh* I am truly alone,now.
Not again! You've got to be kidding me! Welcome to a brand new type of melodrama right here on David Icke's forum. First it's Kadi the reptilian hybrid girl and now we have a hybrid angel. Notice how both of them consider themselves to be an Indigo. It seems to be a relatively new sort of trend going on within some New Age spiritual circles nowadays. I am special so I must be Indigo or I am indigo so I must be special.

Personally after reading a few of your posts you sound mentally UNSTABLE and maybe just maybe you should listen to whomever suggested that you check yourself into a hospital. It's obvious to me that you are in some sort of delirious state of mind. I can even consider that you might be possessed. This is why I clearly said UNSTABLE. Harsh? Yes! Truth? Yes! I don't see that you seek attention the way Kadi the hybrid girl was but you obviously have some issues that must be dealt before this gets worse.

Also I must add you have brought some religious overtones to the table. Like, demons, angels, that you are on a mission to save the world or fight the demons etc ...
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