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''Brexit, for goodness sake. We forgot to stop the Masters of Discourse in their tracks and ask ’em, “If Brexit means Brexit, then what does Brexit mean?”. It always meant leaving the EU, it never meant a “deal” to stay in the EU! That is a contradiction. Therefore the “hard” vs “soft” distinction is also an exercise in sophistry, in steering our thoughts away from the truth by introducing false knowledge. “Hard” simply means Brexit; “soft” simply means staying in the EU.
“No deal Brexit” is an oxymoron — you cannot have a deal if you are leaving a person or an institution. You agree on a deal if you are starting a relationship. Brexit is an ending; a parting of the ways; a divorce. You need to reach some sort of arrangement but not some sort of deal, like a trial separation. It is a permanent break. An exit with a wave and a goodbye, or turning your back with a flip of the finger — amicable or hostile. Not a handshake to meet again, or agree on new terms. Brexit is supposed to be an ending and a new beginning.''

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