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Originally Posted by the tealady View Post
Ironically, the hotel we booked into on the IOW when we flew to the UK for the first Wembley burned down a week after we paid the fare and had to find another place. It was an extensive fire as I recall, more than 4 'riders' could have coped with.
Is this the one ??? Tarvic hotel ???


By the time the firetrucks arrived flames were coming through the roof so the whole building would have to be gutted and rebuilt anyway ... they needn't have bothered turning up , it wouldn't have spread. They seem to just be standing around , not doing much...Watching that video I can see 10 or 12 firefighters hanging around at a safe distance .... only one on the balcony doing something , no water or hoses yet!

But my intention is not to have a go at firemen ... the whole system needs to be redesigned , that fire could have been stopped in the early stage by one person ... there need to be unpaid citizen firefighters on every block everyone has mobile phones ... it's all about response time. Fires are extremely rare

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