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Heres some info on the british version of the Predator drone; Taranis.

A fully developed Taranis air vehicle is capable of delivering weapons to a battlefield in another continent with a high level of autonomy. In July 2010, the MoD unveiled the fully-developed Taranis prototype. The first flight trials of the unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) will start in 2011.
Unmanned combat air vehicle

The project, which took place over the next four years (2007 to 2010), was directed towards designing and flying an unmanned aircraft, gathering the evidence needed to inform decisions about a future long-range offensive aircraft and evaluating UAVs' contribution to the RAF's future mix of aircraft.

Taranis is stealthy, fast, able to carry out test deployment of a range of munitions over a number of targets, and to defend itself against manned and other unmanned enemy aircraft.
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