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Exclamation duality black hole, Hell hole Earth.

I just try to see this in a logical way with a positive out come.

This will be a hard one for me to explain from my view point but I try my best.

BTW: I like the things you talking about have read many of your posts for hours & days.

First time I like to comment but it's actually talking to my self in written form to make sense of it all.

Now this would be a sad result for me if I have to see the entire future being a endless fighting situation for ever & ever..... boring duality system like it always was & I hate arguing & fighting.

How could any love be created as long there is fighting of any sort? .....
Man would it not be paradise to have a friend or partner you don't need to fight with?

If this duality system you pointing to is really the final truth to be excepted then I would say it's better to get the ropes out & end it right now.

To me personally I see the duality game & the black white system as Satan's system excuse only to demand & force his existence.... IMO

If I would except this "duality game & the black white system" then my lifetime dream would just died right now right here 100%.

My dream is that the Humans turn only for once 100% positive.... It's not possible? ....

who says so ..... to me only one type of people & group the Evil dead once with zero love distributing evil only.

Why? ..... because they had no teachers ever explaining them the true love distribution system of the true God/image.

Dark color coding should not stand for Evil..... because Evil stands on his own.

White color coding should not stand for Goodness .... because Goodness stands on his own.

White = White
Black = Black
Light = Light
Good = Good
Bad = Bad
Love = Love
Truth = Truth
Day = Day
Night = Night
Yes = Yes
No = No

Only Hypothetical: Would you say that the true God/image is a 100% ..... or a 99.9% plus 0.01% duality logical processing entity.

The God/image & loving logic should operates the same like a correctly to the dot written computer program.
What would a computer turn out if you program it & lets say your input is this 1 = 1, 2 = 2, 3 = 3, 4 = 4 .....etc
then on the last line you enter a bit of duality like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 = 5

Well I say you end-up with a so called Evil duality problem = programmed ever lasting virus result.... IMO

The computer with this programing would be good for absolutely nothing & is a dead object & unusable, confused, looping from start to end with a duality problem for ever & ever....>>> useless!

Only once you correct this programming error permanently & no more duality at all you end up with a usable Loving computer creating logical endless results into infinity with no end in side.

Man, Woman, Child should be renamed & changed to the only appropriated Word Human only!

Big, slim, ugly, short, tall, sexy Woman or Man should be changed to the Word Human only.

Yes Humans in different levels of being alive & there is so much teaching to be done for ever & ever..... boring how could it be it's impossible!

Was it not our wise Grandmother & others which said you never stop learning until your physical body turns to dust?

Christian, Jews, Muslim, Buddhist, Germans, Americans, British, Indonesians, Arabs....etc should be changed to the single Word Human only!

I hate duality & devision in all it's forms..... & the stupid word "but" used & placed after the word "I agree" was used!
Do you agree or not so what is the word but for "duality again"...... full stop! ...

people may call this slang & I call it stupid illogical duality game & rhetorical word games with no results ever.

Here is proof for the point I'm making:
Is this not amazing & is proving that simple Man is dumb & manipulated for over 2000 years & absolutely nothing changed till today.
Just look at this 2000 years ago; someone has to write this into the scripture to remind Man of his disability to answer simple truthful & straight! There are people on Earth which are calling them selfs Modern Human...... ha ha ha!
Is there a scripture anywhere explaining that you should pull you pans down before having a crap?
International Standard Version (©2008)
Instead, let your message be 'Yes' for 'Yes' and 'No' for 'No.' Anything more than that comes from the evil one."
Just try to implement this one only mentioned above in the quote & this Forum would turn to paradise.... impossible to be strong for only one day I say!!!!

I don't need duality in my World of positive imagination; I like the one World in unity under ONE Loving logical God/image system!

That's why English is Satan's languish & not a true Human languish.

They should be all words with there own specific meaning & should not be mixed up at all for starters.

Yes Words are very important & the way they are used.

The word duality is a word which should be burned. All Words which have a double meaning should be burned.... IMO

Why?... well to stop the duality game & double meaning.... Why again to stop the fighting over Wording.

But the Satan/system followers & the creator of all words invented over history could not allow this naturally; because there system would seas to exist.

Matrix = Mix-up with no end in side, everlasting fighting ....yes! ......& I hate fighting because there is no place for Love where fighting is option one.

It's like your Name one name for one person not ten names for one person = total confusion like it is now.

Satan is God & God is Satan & Jesus is God & the serpent is all?????

You say life would be boring without a duality system, well I say it's again there game play & matrix because life & living only is not being ALIVE & life only is death & boring.

Again two words living & being alive they are two different things in my book of understanding now.

So Love could not be alive on it's own for ever & ever? ..... I say yes it's the only thing which would never be boring & stand on his own two feet even without a partner.

But duality always needs a second object to argue or fight with ..... the same with Satan to exist in the 3D World it NEEDS a second object victim to even be recognized & to prove his reality.

Love does not it's a ONE individual being; recognizing his being like a full of love newborn child being all on it's own after birth; until being forced to join the duality Satan game reality.

Love = infinity by my understanding .... please don't mix Love meaning with the Word Sex; because again we have two individual Words.

Infinity has no end or starting point & no duality in it at all; a endless circle in all directions no matter how many twists it would have.

Now how could it get ever boring without duality as long there is imagination with Love as a base stone; the divine Mother of Love in heaven & on Earth.

Positive Imagination one more Love creating Word = Infinity never ending circle twisted more & more growing endlessly for ever & ever.

How could this ever get boring? ....
Well it would totally be boring for Satan & his duality scam but is this not the goal to let him burn up in the light?

Is there a Deeper Structure Behind the Divine Proportion?

Golden Mean Spiral

The Four Forces (Control, Desire, Emotion(Compassion) and the Whole of the Trinity, Imagination) and the related sacred geometry were a guiding principle for the Imagination and the E-Motivation of many Western Scientists.

They tried to Control the Chaos of the Desires of the Senses by enforcing the Rules of Scientific Falsification.

The Proces of Falsification destroyed the Human Intuition.

The Western Scientists forgot to look at the Source of Intuition, the Center, the Quintessence
Don't forget Children the new creation are created all the time & they need all the help in the Loving teaching game to grow up to become the next generation being the next & endless imagination future.

So what? ..... did the unique Loving only part get boring yet? ... No it never will be in a billion years the imagination of loving Humans may go as far to create universes again a infinity operation.

Are we bored yet? ..... Sorry I do not need any duality in my creative positive imagination or for any future generation of true being truly alive Humans.

By the time true Humans would run out of Loving creative Imagination the universes would need to disappear first.

I don't know but I say I just answered my own question right here with a positive & solid base for my dreams to continue & the dream to wipe out ALL duality systems games & words ever created by the black hole; being dead entities which are living in nothingness = the living death & not being Human & alive at all yet. .....

Yes the Symbolic Virgin birth & your own created Soul/Spirit resurrection is needed to become truly alive; by listening to all the positive Loving external guidance & asking specifically your inner true voice which answers you with true Love & never lies to you ever & it's talking about your inner imagination & dreams to become reality by your personal actions in being alive in your being & ways.

Don't know if this makes any sense to anyone else but it does resonate with my own self & came from my heart only.

My first time I written down my thinking regarding this issue & I feel even more confident now; to disregard all the dualities in all it's forms until I physically die & turn to dust on duality black hole, Hell hole Earth.

Shit a long one again & I hate writing in reality..... but things have been made so complicated in the sick English duality Languish Land!

Hope I be dust soon.... being the only one thinking this way.

My Personal notes:
Absolutely amazing Perfect again ..... I'm still in touch with whatever it is!.... To many times to just be coincidental.
Are my actions connected, related or synchronized with Symbolic number meanings?
My Posting No. 3446 = 17 .... what does it say Symbolically?

Properties of the number 17

Number of the Son of Man, according to Abellio.

Represent the action of the evolution on the Cosmos and its tendency to the karmic liberation, 1 + 7 = 8, according to R. Allendy.

Symbol of the man participating to both worlds, celestial and terrestrial, according to Prevorst. Henry Blanquart goes in the same way telling that it "represents the junction between the material world and the spiritual world".

About this number, saint Augustin declares: "In the number seventeen as in its multiples we find an admirable sacrament".

Seventeen restores the harmony after the fights of the existence. It is the image of the initiate who has succeeded his interior marriage.

According to Guy Tarade, it is the number of the Holy Spirit.

According to the Book of the Balance of J�bir Ibn Hayy�n, alchimist and Sufi, the form (sura) of any thing in the world is 17; the number 17 represents the base of the theory of the Balance and has to be considered as the rule of the balance of each thing.

Ominous number for Italians, as the number 13 in Occident. Thus, in Italy, there is no bedroom 17, no 17th floor, etc., this because of the number 17 that in Roman number is written XVII, considered as the anagram and the numerical value of the Latin expression VIXI that means "I lived" therefore by extension "I am dead".

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