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people are not fully understanding the terms, maya/illusion, and the ability to manifest/change/influence reality.

after all if reality is illusion, why change it?

its not as easy as just thinking and then creating/receiving what you wished for

its not as simple as nothing is real, everything is illusion/maya.

see these two last things, the power of the mind/spirit, and maya/illusion, are the two most powerful things.

this is why they hide it, these two things would change life forever.

this is the holy grail.

see dimensions/levels of reality = maya/illusion

wave/particle duality = waves become atoms due to the observer effect

will/intent = creates/influences reality

however the mind/spirit can alter, influence this wave/field duality, by thought, by observance, the observer effect.

the wave/particle duality (waves/atoms) of the construction of reality are also related to the holographic/fractual/fiboinacci construction of reality.

the science adds up, its the method thats hidden.

this is why esoteric/magic is science, just hidden science.

higher functions like esp, remote viewing, healing, lucid dreaming. meditation helps etc, training your mind..

when we unlock our brains and learn to use them properly, they in conjunction with our spirit/energy can do amazing things.

Fearlessness means faith in God: faith in His protection, His justice, His wisdom, His mercy, His Love, and His omnipresence… To be fit for Self-realization, man must be fearless.— Paramahansa Yogananda
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