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propaganda, what do you think the roman bible is, gods truth, lol

the yashuah links are white/jewish, therefore your race card doesn't work does it. in fact all you have as a defense is copy/paste, race, yada fucking yada.

or its a german translation of greek, lol no shit sherlock, its german/french that english comes from. heck the english come from the germans and french.

i suppose flavius will be rejected, due to copy and paste, him being jewish. maybe stromfront gets your seal of approval, lol

i apologise for my sig, it should mean i want only white people to live together, on their ancestoral home of mars, lol

Fearlessness means faith in God: faith in His protection, His justice, His wisdom, His mercy, His Love, and His omnipresence… To be fit for Self-realization, man must be fearless.— Paramahansa Yogananda
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