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name a better way of posting info than copy and paste,

shall i read it all and rearrange it, thats plagarism. i even provide links, highlight it so people like you can learn something. its what you make of it, what shows your intelligence. its an efficent method.

or do you read stuff, memorise an obscure passage it and try to pass it off as your own, and try to appear all intelligent, how do you like those apples lol

you obviously don't make much of it. the very fact yahsuah is spelt in english letters, still hasn't clicked for you, why change it? if the jews call him yashuah, why change it?

why change his name, message?

this intellectual snobbery of cut and paste, its utter bullshit. if i stated it was my own work, research, then i would be wrong. i merely relay info. what do you do, nothing with any gravitas.

Fearlessness means faith in God: faith in His protection, His justice, His wisdom, His mercy, His Love, and His omnipresence… To be fit for Self-realization, man must be fearless.— Paramahansa Yogananda

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