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Lightbulb There is no money. You are the collateral!

There is no real money (not backed by precious metals, gold and silver).
You are collateral!

The Govt. issued birth certificate is your bond, because you accepted/consented
the birth certificate and the name, "The Strawman" as personal identification.

Agreement (Contract) by legal deception. No full disclosure.

This is a commercial instrument used by Govts. as a bond to generate money/value from your labour.
Under this system you are treated as a vessel lost at sea. Admiralty Law applies.

The Uniform Commerce Code Article 1. - UCC1 Financing Statement
enables you to take back control of your strawman and declare yourself sovereign.

What States and Countries does UCC 1 apply to?
See here at bottom of webpage in [Country] tab

Do not register your UCC1 Financing Statement until you clearly understand the process.

Go here for more information:

We are spirit, expressing what we will.
We act out perSONAs on our stage of iMAGEination.
We are both the dreamer & the dream.
I think therefore I am.
I am
consciousness & potentiality
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