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Originally Posted by zArk[ie] View Post
imo 'our' culture is a cinder of its original form. even the Law, common law, is an import .. maybe Equity was the previous law or something similar. The British has alot to answer for.
Equity is a common law concept.

In a nutshell: The Common Law arrived with the Conquest (well, it developed afterwards). Before 1066, Anglo-Saxon law prevailed. It was a rather complex system based on Royal promulgation, customs, and private compendia of rules and acts. The primary focus was on criminal law which evolved through until the 10th Century and was based, largely, on the concept of outlawry, capital punishment, corporal punishment, and the confiscation of goods and property. Its basis was 'folkright' which has been described as 'the judicial consciousness of the people' and was tribal in origin and administered (overseen) by 'shire moots'. There was no national folkright as such and laws varied depending on which part of the country you were in. Of course, after the 10th Century, the law of privilege became the dominant system.

Anglo Saxon law was quite different from the laws of Rome that held sway in Britain, although the church kept it very much alive and exerted authority through it. Roman Law (as adopted in Frankish Law) was revived after the Conquest and forms part of the foundation of the Common Law.

Anyway, I could ramble on about this but it's off-topic and meaningless as relates to the issue of this foolish young woman and her troubles.
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