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Originally Posted by darketernal View Post
I, and mariag, are both already familiar with the masked ball in Eyes Wide Shut. The ritual is very similar to the foundation of Luciferian/Christian doctrines (please note I consider them the same religion both sun worhip cults that have intertwining reliance on each other). The man in red robes represents the sun (Jesus or Lucifer.. same being), the 12 women around him represent the 12 signs of the zodiac or the 12 disciples (same thing) and the kissing of them one at a time in a counterclockwise fashion reprsents the prosesion of the zodiac. They are selected when he stamps his staff (a sign of royalty) in front of each based open a date sequince they wish to effect the energy of. They skipped the sacrifice and blood drinking that should have taken place in the ritual at this point. The women then leave the circle to select sexual partners based open the energy and genetics they sense in the men in the room that will yield the desired energy from the next stage in the ritual. The high preistess with the feathered headress is the woman among the group with the highest/purest genetics and she represent Queen Semiramis/Isis/Mother Mary in addition to her position within the zodiac. She would also be the focal point in the next step of the ritual which is not shown in this.

You will also not that if you listen closely the name "Cthulhu" (a name often associated purely with the fiction of HP Lovecraft) is spoken repeatedly in the backwards romanian chant. This is the patron diety being invoked in this particular ritual, as he is an ascended reptilian old one who was later known as Dagon.

Mariag would you like to add or correct anything in that? Feel free to do so.
Hi Dark Eternal,

Please could you elaborate what the next step of the ritual would have been of which the high priestess would be the focal point?
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