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I decided, out of pure curiosity (and boredom lol) to check out some of the forested and wooded areas of the UK to get an idea of whether or not a Bigfoot type animal could live undetected. I decided to look up Cannock Chase in Staffordshire on google maps. I was amazed just how big the area is, and going into streetview mode it just looked enormous still, almost uncannily like the forested areas in California, but on a much smaller scale. I wouldn't like to walk down one of those long winding roads that traverse through that area, not even in the daytime.

I find it hard to believe that the British Bigfoot groups are trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes in order to complete a film. Again, as researchers will tell you, noone makes money from doing what they do in their chosen field, and if they do then it's not worth getting out of bed for. I've never seen anything unusual that would suggest a Bigfoot type creature, but I have come across odd tree structures that make me think.
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