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I dont know what to make of that above claiming these UK groups are trying to fake sightings in order to produce a documentary (I believe there is a doc in the pipeline planned called "Elusive"), but the points you raised have made me somewhat suspect, the fact that some of the more incredible sightibgs arent really investigated, very unprofessional grammar etc. Ive noticed some of the accounts on the BRO site feel rather contrived and not the account of someone who`s recited from memory of what they witnessed. Also past reports from many years which, for some odd reason, cannot be backed up with any newspaper articles, either from local news sources or national news sources. Did these witnesses just keep it to themselves? (possibly), or did the sighting never happen?. They claim they were contacted by them personally through the site, but they never give any names. There was a video I watched not too long ago by Chris Turner, where he came across footprints up a hill somewhere around Rivington in Lancashire; a photo of said discovered footprint was take, but I found it odd no video was taken. Yet they go on about how crucial and important video documentation is. Im not saying the footprints were faked, but it did seem a little odd.

But tell all this to Deborah Hatswell, Chris Turner, Neil Young and Bigfoot Tony, amongst other UK based wildman researchers, that they`yre deceiving people. It wont go down too well.

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