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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
You're fiddling the numbers grim !! ... too complex and disputable ...

Now 7/7/2007 ... 7/7/7...that would make even the most unawake look twice!!

Maybe they would have preferred 7/7/7 ... perhaps the broad strategic timetable did not allow waiting for 2 more years .... or perhaps they thought it would be too obvious and wake more people up ... or realistically they're not too bothered.

And while we're at it , why did they let 6/6/6 pass by without a whisper???

If it suits them they use significant dates ... but it's not an important factor.
Neither are your personal misguided and unknowledgeable opinions.

I am sure Mr. Farrell would have been overjoyed and overwhelmed by gratitude, humility and shame at his own personal inadequacies, errors and failures when all he had needed was to have had access to your most majestic superior wisdom and insight as your divine presence emits when he made his report.

And I am sure the illuminati are ashamed and humbled through their own failures by believing that 7/7/2005 was a 777 event. Alas, if only they had obtained access to your infinite and universal wisdom prior to setting the date, they may have avoided such errors.

Numbers and statistics are the MOST important factors with 3x3 masonic satanic ritual sacrifice. They have to be EXACTLY as laid down. Only those unable to be pre-determined - as with mass slaughter - may be flexible.

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