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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
You left many things for chance.
A master is someone who does everything with purpose i.e. every move has a purpose. And you need to think so many moves ahead like in chess. Success doesn't happen by chance though quite often it looks that way. That's the trick. A master makes it look so easy that he/she makes everyone think they can do it too. Jus sayin'
That's okay. I make 64,000.00 a year in that Tool and Die Shop I work for. I'm projected to have around a half million in my 401k by the time I retire. I put away ten percent of my income into it. And I play the stocks, as well. I just bought into four Canadian Cannabis companies..... they are all doing rather well for me, so far. (I also have several electric automobile stocks). I've paid off all but one of my credit cards over the last four years. I owe less than two thousand on the last one. I've saved well over $1,400.00 a month by getting out of my mountain of oppressive debt. I'm doing pretty well. I'll just keep up appearances and maintain my current status of Dogman lore. It's just a guy in a suit. Honest....... that's all it is.

It’s easy to be intelligent and wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it.
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