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Default Forum Anouncement: Post Count

Some members may notice that there has been a change in their Post Counts.

Please don't be alarmed, this is simply a small change in forum protocols and how member posts are counted and nothing to worry about.

You may also have noticed that the Rant Room has been renamed. This is in order to better suit the topics therein - rather than categorise them as rants, where topics descend into general bickering or no longer reflect constructive debate i feel that having a general off topic area is better than having a rant room.

With this in mind the new title is: General Off Topic Rant. Zero Post Count.

As the name suggests, topics in that area (previously Rant Room) are for threads whose topic has become too far lost to be valid.

As a reflection of that - posts made in that section will not be counted toward members' total post count(s).

Hopefully this will engage members with more worthwhile discussion on the main forum - where posts counts are unaltered.

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