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Originally Posted by roastpotatoes View Post
To a degree society is at fault here with elderly people. I know most people have to earn a living, but some of those who don't are too quick to book their nearest and dearest into a "care home" when the going gets tough.

The same is not the case in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece etc. It's normal for the family to look after their elderly parents at home, or pay friends to help out, instead of in being left with strangers in a residential home.
It happens in Scotland as well, my grannie was looked after at home to the end of her time,although i say the reverse was true she looked after us

I'm not condemning folk who have elderly 'retired' into homes as such but I think they should have access to their family members medical records and then be in a position to question whether heavy duty drugs like largatical are applicable.
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