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Default Psychiatric warfare

In our “civilized” world basically people are sentenced to mental disease, for thoughtcriminality (thinking is very dangerous!). Where it is difficult to invent physical diseases, it is simple to invent mental disorders.
The way they convince us that the psychiatric drugs really help, is by manipulating “scientific” research: the majority of these studies receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry and do not even bother with a comparison of placebo against the drugs.
In the Rosenhan experiment in 1972 8 mentally sane pseudopatients complained about voices in their head and were admitted to institutions. They behaved “normal” but the only way they could escape from the claws of psychiatry was to admit they were sick and take the medicine (which they dumped in the toilet). They eventually escaped with the remarkable diagnosis “schizophrenia in remission”; one of them was locked up for 52 days.

Even the state media confirms that people with AD(H)D do not have problems with concentration when they are not bored, which leads to the conclusion that the children that are sentenced to ADHD do not suffer from a mental disease, but something is wrong with the state education. If children refuse a little too hard to get brainwashed, they “need” psychiatric treatment. In the USA schools are stimulated to sentence kids to AD(H)D by a child find bonus, and additional money for each schoolchild with AD(H)D:
In Massachusetts 60% of the orphans and in Texas between 31% and 42% of the foster children are on psychiatric drugs:
Ritalin is similar to amphetamine, a highly addictive hallucinant. Because kids get hooked, they could even say that Ritalin is beneficial (so they get their drugs). Quitting Ritalin leads to withdrawal effects, which is used as an argument for Ritalin (look what happens without Ritalin!). Nadine Lambert concludes Ritalin leads to drugs addiction:
It is well known that using amphetamines leads to extreme and aggressive behaviour; because of Ritalin more people will suffer from attention disorders and hyperactivity. A list of (side) effects of Ritalin – aggression, psychosis, depression, bad results at school, stomach ache, headache, seizures, coma and insomnia:
The story of ADHD is that some children (coincidently mostly boys of the lower classes) suffer from a chemical imbalance in their brain (that usually miraculously stops in adulthood), causing concentration problems and makes them hyperactive. They do not diagnose ADHD by measuring this chemical imbalance of the brain, but by studying behaviour. How ridiculous the story really is, becomes apparent when the lack of attention can also lead to exact opposite – really quiet behaviour - ADD (mostly girls). So this attention disorder leads to a whole spectrum of behaviour and psychiatrists can choose at will which (poor) kids are sentenced to AD(H)D. You might know the story that only children with ADHD improve on Ritalin (but others get hyperactive). According to L. Alan Sroufe, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, Methylphenidate (Ritalin) was given to radar operators in World War II to help them focus on boring, repetitive tasks (is this an accurate description for school?):
The MTA study compared different kind of treatments, including a large group that got no drugs, for 579 children diagnosed with ADHD according to DSM and ran for years. In the first 14 months the hyperactive behaviour of the children with ADHD notably “improved”, but from 3 years on the group on Ritalin was just as hyperactive as the group without (drugs). After 8 years: 70% of the group didn’t show hyperactive symptoms (independent of treatment), so why did they give them drugs in the first place? After 6 years the group that got no drugs showed less: 1) depressions or anxiety disorders (4.3% compared to more than 16.4%) and 2) psychotic or manic disorders (0.9% compared to more than 2.0%). Another conclusion is that the group with ADHD was less successful than a control group. See Molina et al “The MTA at 8 Years: Prospective Follow-Up of Children Treated for Combined Type ADHD in a Multisite Study” (2009):
Over the years some retired psychologists put their reputation on the line by revealing that ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease, for example: Leon Eisenberg (who played a part in inventing ADHD) and Dr. Jerome Kagan (of Harvard University). Here an interview with Kagan:

Giving millions of children Ritalin is like a time bomb leading to a large increase in psychosis related illnesses (according to the DSM these are also caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain ... using drugs of course creates a chemical imbalance), so they need antipsychotics. If your (future) work is the treatment of psychotic patients you should read the scientific reports referenced by Robert Whitaker:
1) Psychiatry in the “developed” world is worse than (the lack of treatment) in the third world - Leff et al “The international pilot study of schizophrenia: five-year follow-up findings” (1992):
2) Antipsychotics (Haldol, Risperdal (Risperidon) and Zyprexa (Olanzipine)) frustrate the recovery of people with mental problems -Lehtinen et al “Two-year outcome in first-episode psychosis according to an integrated model” (2000):
3) Antipsychotics have terrible (side) effects like shrinking of the brain - Gur et al “Subcortical MRI volumes in neuroleptic-naive and treated patients with schizophrenia” (1998):
4) Because of antipsychotics patients die younger (murder by prescription): Healy et al “Mortality in schizophrenia” (2012):
Some experts describe antipsychotics as a chemical lobotomy.

Not so long ago I found out that even know psychiatric patients get tortured with ElectroConvulsive Therapy (ECT). It is known that ECT causes memory loss and confusion, which apperently is the the desired effect.
Here’s the literature review on ECT by Read and Bentall “The effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy” (2010):

A well-known symptom of schizophrenia is hearing voices in your head.
One night in 1984 when I was 10 years old, I woke up because of a voice sounding like a newsreader on television – to my surprise the sound came from within my head. The same 10 sentences of state propaganda (that I was so fortunate to live in a free country, where nobody dies of hunger, I can get a good education etcetera) were repeated over and over again - the next days they were replaced with another 10 sentences of the same garbage (conditioning similar to the Brave new world of Aldous Huxley).
An overview on sending sounds into a brain by radio signals (RF hearing) by Motorola (a manufacturer of cell phones) - Auditory Perception of RF Pulses:
The following inventions can be used to send sounds to your brain:
US patent 3647970 (1972):
US patent 4877027 (1989):
US patent 4858612 (1989):
US patent 6052336 (2000):
US Patent 6587729 (2003):
If the victims of these induced voices ask the psychiatry for help, they are sentenced to schizophrenia. If the CIA at the time they start taking antipsychotics stop the radio signal, the person can actually think the drugs are working. The only way to prevent hearing induced sounds, is sufficient noise around you (I’ve heard about people trying aluminum hats which is useless).

One of the main effects of antipsychotics is Parkinson, so before you know it, the patients need anti-Parkinson drugs like Akineton (Biperiden). Akineton is an addictive hallucinant leading to dementia (cognitive impairment) making the treatment full circle. Where the madness began by prescribing the addictive hallucinant Ritalin, the madness ends (or continues) with addictive hallucinants for Parkinson.
In a recent study by Loyola Medicine and Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine in the journal Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics they concluded that anti-Parkinson agents in more than 1 out of 7 cases leads to impulse disorders, like gambling, compulsive buying and sex addiction:
Here's an example of the terrible effects of Akineton – addiction, not being able to perform the simplest tasks and dementia - Espi Martinez et al “Biperiden Dependence: Case Report and Literature Review” (2012):
All of these drugs affect the short term memory (cognitive impairment), so the victims of psychiatry get Alzheimer’s disease. Now the rich (psychiatrists) say mental diseases are hereditary and the lower classes are inferior because they suffer more from psychiatry.

In January 2008 they locked me up in a psychiatric hospital, where 1 of the political prisoners clearly stood out for being more sane than the people walking in the street. He used to be director of Amnesty International Nederland and told me they locked him up (with his consent) so he could investigate how patients in psychiatric hospitals are treated; of course the psychiatrist didn’t believe him and he had a hard time escaping. After only two weeks he already deteriorated.
In 1943 Ezra Pound was sentenced for treason for his support of fascism in the 1930’s and 1940’s while living in fascist Italy. Instead of standing trial, he was declared insane and locked up in St Elizabeth’s hospital from 1945 until 1958. Pound was called a terrible traitor to the USA (“worse than Hitler” according to Arthur Miller), fascist, anti-Semite and insane (he wanted the usurping banks stopped). Judge two of his papers for yourself:
Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway, a protégé of Ezra Pound, committed suicide in 1961 because they tortured him with ECT.
Another terrible example is Garth Daniels:

From my experiences with 10 psychiatrist I conclude they are: Pathological liars, Sadists that know they are not helping their patients/victims and abusers of patients/victims in sick experiments for their own personal benefit. I illustrate this with a quote from the Mancurian candidate of Marks about psychiatrist Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron that tortured his victims so terribly he created human plants:
Cameron's passion lay in the more "objective" forms of therapy, with which he could more easily and swiftly bring about improvements in patients than with the notoriously slow Freudian methods. An impatient man, he dreamed of finding a cure for schizophrenia. No one could tell him he was not on the right track. Cameron's supporter at the Rockefeller Foundation, Robert Morrison, recorded in his private papers that he found the psychiatrist tense and ill-at-ease, and Morrison ventured that this may account for "his lack of interest and effectiveness in psychotherapy and failure to establish warm personal relations with faculty members, both of which were mentioned repeatedly when I visited Montreal." Another Rockefeller observer noted that Cameron "appears to suffer from deep insecurity and has a need for power which he nourishes by maintaining an extraordinary aloofness from his associates."
When Lauren G.'s husband delivered her to Cameron, the psychiatrist told him she would receive some electroshock, a standard treatment at the time. Besides that, states her husband, "Cameron was not very communicative, but I didn't think she was getting anything out of the ordinary." The husband had no way of knowing that Cameron would use an unproved experimental technique on his wife—much less that the psychiatrist intended to "depattern" her. Nor did he realize that the CIA was supporting this work with about $19,000 a year in secret funds.[2]
Cameron defined "depatterning" as breaking up existing patterns of behavior, both the normal and the schizophrenic, by means of particularly intensive electroshocks, usually combined with prolonged, drug-induced sleep. Here was a psychiatrist willing—indeed, eager—to wipe the human mind totally clean. Back in 1951, ARTICHOKE's Morse Allen had likened the process to "creation of a vegetable." Cameron justified this tabula rasa approach because he had a theory of "differential amnesia," for which he provided no statistical evidence when he published it. He postulated that after he produced "complete amnesia" in a subject, the person would eventually recover memory of his normal but not his schizophrenic behavior. Thus, Cameron claimed he could generate "differential amnesia." Creating such a state in which a man who knew too much could be made to forget had long been a prime objective of the ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA programs.

Here’s a story on Cameron:

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