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Originally Posted by madbomber View Post
Nope. He's a bought and paid for NWO stooge like his predecessors, Benedict and John Paul II. We'll never know what kind of pope John Paul I might have been as he was bumped off before he got chance to muck out the stables as he had planned.

I thought both John Paul II and Francis were real people, who actually believed in themselves and their ''job''.

Benedict was transparently corrupt.
What makes you say John Paul II was corrupt? He seemed nice and he appeared and sounded like a true man of faith.

Anyway, looking at it from the bigger picture it's all ridiculously pointless, a big stage show, the whole world is. A big theater full of sheep, puppets ,snakes and wolves. The only thing real about this world is the nature, animals and any place that doesn't have civilization in sight.
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