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Originally Posted by 2013 View Post
New 'University' Goes to Pot
Posted 49 minutes ago in US, Science & Health, Culture & Society

Source: Associated Press (newser) – It's sort of a slacker's med school: An Oakland activist started Oaksterdam University to train students to work in the medical marijuana industry, reports NPR. Oaksterdam offers a single $75 course, which teaches students about pot's political and legal history as well as the botany of the much-loved herb. "You don't want seeds in your cannabis," says the founder. "It's like seedless grapes." • Richard Lee's plan is for the school to revitalize downtown Oakland. "When I went to Amsterdam, one of the big things that struck me was how the cannabis industry there—all of the cannabis coffee shops are intertwined with the rest of downtown," he says. Buying and selling marijuana is still a federal crime, but Oakland officials seem uninterested in pursuing Oaksterdam U.
Sorry but grapes with seeds taste better imo, I cant stand seedless grapes they taste like shit mostly.
Nothing wrong with seeds in weed either, just pick em out.
That school sounds like a waste of money.
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