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How does a corporation have sexual intercourse? The corporation is selling the fornix of the brain or buying the fornix of the brain, or commercial paper involving the fornix. The fornix organ of the United State is California (Cali-Fornia)

The cops interpret the statutes using common words. The statutes are written in legal terms.

The cops arrest someone to be a surety for the Attorneys commercial paperwork scam.

The act of prostitution (fornix) involves chattel mortgage, investment security, or things in action under Uniform Commercial Code.

The Blueman's Group Shake Your Booty performance show you the fornix of the brain.

Blue Man Group - Shake Your Booty

Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code regulates purchasing shares, property, or stock in the Blueman's Shake Your Booty Performance.

The cop said that you make a purchase of the share through legal word trickery. Now you are responsible for the broker's fee and stock purchase fee.

The criminal statutes are written in the terms of right to sue (things in action), chattel mortgages (evidence of debt), negotiable instrument, municipal bonds, leases, and investment securities.

An omission is a security that is called a forbearance. It is used to purchase commercial items. When not pay, it becomes a crime. A crime is a debt that can result in imprisonment of the person's body.

The person forfeit their body and never go to jail or prison. The person's collateral ends up in jail or prison.

Attorneys cause the debt problem behind the scene with the filing of commercial papers. The commercial papers are found in the judge's docket. It is private so you will never see it. Only attorneys get to see the commercial paper. You are just collateral for the proceeding.

Your defense is that you didn't sell commercial items under a lien or purchase the commercial item. The cop is getting on the witness stand to accuse you through legal word trickery that you ordered the commercial transaction.
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