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Originally Posted by dontbeafraid View Post
Thanks for the great info. And its important to know it. Awesome thread, you did a great job!
One has to understand that ones own thoughts are not even going to help one at all to get out of the mind control matrix. One will not be able to think up a way out. That is why the mind control matrix cannot anser any important questions properly. It is just grunting compared to true communication. One will not even be able to come up with the proper question one should be asking.
One has to instead attack the problem from another angle. One has to change one's self and ego deep inside.

Please do not let the insane idea of what I am talking about in the thread stop you from reading it. I can answer any question you have about it.
Thank you dontbeafraid.

I agree, our thoughts are not even our own. Like Gurdjieff said a man must first realize that he is a machine to have any chance of finding freedom. There is all this talk on this forum of "being awake", but it really just lulls you into a false sense of security. It is one "I" telling another "I" that it is awake. It is easy to believe something, it is much harder to believe nothing (even science has beliefs). I started a podcast recently with some other guys on here where we take a look at existentialism and all that jazz.

Thinking is an intellectual trap as Mark Pesce said "the things that you know are the things that you can apprehend linguistically, the things that you don't know are the things that can't be seen."

We are friggin doomed as a species if we cannot learn to fully communicate with each other. Like McKenna said "we can only move a fast as the evolution of our language" and further "if we can't describe a world then we can't be there". Even the biblical story of The Tower of Babel tells how we have fallen from the confusion of tongues. It seems because of this and our lack of awareness of our spiritual descent that we are largely running in circles. Think of all that great insight that is held within unique individuals that they are unable to express is a language which can be understood by others.

Like I say in the above postings, people need to share a similar semiotic mindscape in order to effectively communicate with each other. There are some contemporary attempts to create models for this. One is which seems to have gained a lot of popularity within . The problem then becomes that technical language is at Wittgenstein said, "just another language within a language", a symbol for a symbol.

I agree also that we have to look from a different angle and that angle very much appeals to the right-brain and it's creative and non-linear faculties. Language reinforces the presence of the ego because it reasserts duality through pronouns. e.g. "I" did this, this belongs to "me".

Thanks for the related thread btw (reading it now)

Everyone is insane, no one is alone in that respect and it is a healthy thing to realize

I hope this thread provides some language idea that may be of use for you to articulate your own ideas.

You mention about people not being able to connect with themselves, I personally like the analogy of human-beings vs human-doings. Most people are human-doings. When you can just be (in the now) then the illusions of separation begin to dissolve ( is also a good tool ).

Originally Posted by dontbeafraid
Whats interesting is these creatures can speak every language, not by knowing the language, but by touching the exact spot of our brain with their thoughts or whatever it is that it does, which they can do like a concert painist can touch the keys on a piano, and produce a "voice tone" inside ones brain so it seems to come from everywhere and nowhere. You cant pinpoint where the sound comes from.
Have you ever considered that these creatures are part of your own universe? They can speak every language that you know perhaps. The psychedelic experience is similar and like McKenna talked about his mushroom elves and how they spoke to him in English. Could the elves not just be entities within his own mind? (when I say mind, I don't mean within his brain)

In the end we are just characters in a dream story. If we are not consciously living within our own dream then we become a character in someone else's dream (NWO?). As Austin Osman Spare said "the unconscious is the greatest magician", most people are by definition "unconscious".

Happy dreaming

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What a great thread, I'm going to sticky this thread for a while so others get the info, again great work..
Thanks Montag

I had to convert the contents of my "book" from HTML, the original location of this work is here: but I figured that if I could transcribe it into the forum then it would get more viewing.

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