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"Inside the cafe, we believe there are 13 people and possibly one gunman. I heard reports from other journalists that it's a pistol, but these are unconfirmed reports; we don't know what it is yet, and we don't know who it is and we only know the association to the Islamic State because of the reports about the flag, the jihadist flag being draped in windows.

"And that's the flag that's been appropriated by ISIS. They grabbed it and put it across all of their marketing and advertising as you've seen this year in the Middle East."

hmm. has anyone got any pictures of the flag?

Conservative 2GB radio presenter, Ray Hadley, has claimed a hostage has rung him. He took the call off air and 2GB is saying the NSW police commissioner has confirmed this but I have seen no independent verification of this. The police commissioner is giving a press conference soon.
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