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Originally Posted by bluebirdgr View Post
Oh yeahhh. MARTIN Place of course.
Martin, the name dedicated to the "God of Warfare".
Where else but there would they stage their next 2 minutes of hate show?

Dec 14 obviously is a special day for such shows. Before we had Sandy Hook on Dec 14th at 9am.
What was the time in Sidney? 9 am?

I wonder about what might happen in London on Dec 14 9am and what might happen a few hours later in the USA when they're going to celebrate dec 14th 9am local time?

that bunch of fun making criminals who try to control the world are going way too far now with their specially elected dates and places for their mental mass paranoia shows. That's no coincidence!,_Sydney
Gunman walked into store at 9:45am....he was 5 minutes late.

Of course we have some symbolism "Merry Christmas" and "7 7 " (news channel number but still ) and this is across from Central Bank of Australia on Phillip st.

And of course Lind logo is a DRAGON.

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