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These extremists are so stupid. If it's not a psy-op;

1. Nobody can do anything, or will do anything, if Allah is the real God & Mohammad is just the messenger. It doesn't change anything. Truth hurts.

2. I's like the old saying 'put up or shut up'? It's as though the extremists can deal with putting up, but they an never shut up. Even when it's in their own interests.

3. -unrelated-We left camp Bastion, on your orders - people of Afghanistan. We would have gladly stayed in that desert for years. But nope. Now you guys have the sand pit, and none of the good technology which was keeping you safe.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Oh & WTF has Sydney got to do with anything?? I know you extremist guys & gals like to be erratic & spontaneous.. But it just makes you ALL look sloppy.

Is that racist? Well, why can't I fight fire with fire? If all Westerners are the same, then obviously all Muslims are the same. 100% identical. All of them have beards, they don't like dogs, but ALL smell like a wet one.
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